Macon dispensary helps widen access to medical marijuana –

Trulieve, Macon’s medical marijuana dispensary, will help people apply for medical cannabis cards.

MACON, Ga. — Not sure how to apply for a medical cannabis card? 

Trulieve, the Macon medical marijuana dispensary, is having an event Saturday to help folks who qualify.

One Macon family needs one. 

Kelly Murray’s 18-year-old daughter Grace is going to Wesleyan College in the fall. Doing well in school has gotten her a nursing scholarship.

However, Grace has a health issue teachers might not see. 

“‘Mom, I’ve had to deal with it for my whole life,” Murray explains– it’s something her daughter says all the time. 

Epilepsy. Grace has had it since she was seven. 

“Once she was around 12, she started getting grand mal seizures,” Murray said.

Grace would shake, lose consciousness, and when she came to, she couldn’t remember where she was or who she was with for a while after. 

“I don’t think there’s words to see your child suffering. The fact that she’s seizure free for almost three years is a blessing,” Murray said.

How is this possible? 

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