Make The Munchies Great Again With These Cannabis Cookbooks

With recipes ranging from weed-infused classics like pot brownies to complex dishes like a fire filet mignon, these cannabis cookbooks will turn anyone into an expert canna-chef.

Despite years of prohibition, cannabis has obviously influenced our culture. More than 90 percent of Americans support weed legalization for medical and/or recreational usage, according to Pew Research Center. And as weed becomes more ubiquitous, you can expect to see the plant evolve from a dry, smoking herb to an agricultural Swiss Army knife. Food, beverages, skincare, personal lubricant, you name it—can all be infused with THC, cannabis’s psychoactive compound.

Cooking with cannabis can seem intimidating for weed newbies, but it’s actually one of the most personalized ways to start consuming the plant. Instead of buying edibles from the dispensary and worrying about how many milligrams of THC will be “too much,” a cannabis home cook has full control over how much weed goes into their edibles.

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