Making Cannabis Dispensaries Safer With Safes? – Benzinga – Benzinga

Picture credit: American Rebel 

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Federal legalization of the U.S. cannabis industry appears to be stalled, but increasing numbers of states allow both medical and recreational marijuana, even in some of the more conservative areas of the country.

But because of the federal hesitation to fully legalize marijuana, banks and credit card companies remain reluctant to allow service to the industry. That means marijuana remains largely a cash business, raising concerns about theft from cannabis dispensaries.

Add to that the storing of expensive and sometimes fragile inventory and you can have a security problem. One Kansas-based safe manufacturing company says it is coming to the rescue.

Guns and Cannabis?

American Rebel Holdings Inc. AREB makes safes of all shapes and sizes, mainly to store guns.

The company is adding the heavy duty Home Grown Safe, designed for the cannabis industry, to its product line. The Home Grown Safe has an interior with shelves holding 32 product bins and a coordinated inventory-tracking grid layout on the writable door. With cannabis legal in 39 states and Washington D.C., that’s a lot of dispensaries

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