Malta Still Hasn’t Awarded Any Cannabis Club Licenses

Editor’s note: This article was contributed by Johnny Green, Media and Content Director for the International Cannabis Business Conference.

Going into 2023, it appeared that Malta was poised to issue non-commercial cannabis club licenses in quick order. However, as we near the midway point of this year, the European nation has still yet to issue its first license.

Permitting non-commercial cannabis clubs was a key component of an adult-use legalization measure passed by lawmakers in Malta in late 2021. In addition to non-commercial cannabis clubs, adults 18 and over can carry up to seven grams of cannabis in Malta and cultivate up to four plants at their residences.

Club applications first became available in Malta nearly four months ago and while 26 applications have been submitted thus far, Malta’s government has yet to approve any of them.

Non-commercial cannabis club provisions

The head of Malta’s Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis Leonid McKay stated earlier this month that “just because we have 26 applications, it does not mean we will be granting 26 licences. There will be a rigorous vetting process.”

Each club license applicant must pay a €1,000 registration fee, as well as another €1,000 for the license

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