Marijuana dispensaries packaging edibles as candy, LASD wants parents to be aware – FOX 11 Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued a public service announcement Wednesday morning, warning parents to make sure cannabis candies don’t wind up in the hands of kids.

“Special attention to parents, Marijuana Dispensaries are packaging their edibles in creative ways to avoid detection,” LASD Altadena Sheriff’s Station posted on Twitter. “Be cognizant with what your children buy and ingest.”

The department shared a photo of edible packaging that resembled Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, called, “Reefer’s Peanut Butter Cups,” one that resembled Starbucks called “Starbuds,” a package that looks like Oreos called “Stoneo” as well as packages that resembled Snickers, Rice Krispies treats, Cheetos, M&M’s and Nerds Rope.

According to the Children’s Hospital, while older kids and teens may be curious about “getting high,” younger children are more apt to mistake edibles for actual snacks.

“Unintentional cannabis overdoses in children of all ages have risen in states where marijuana is legal,” says Dr. Lois Lee of the Injury Prevention Program at Boston Children’s. 

Lee, a pediatric doctor, strongly encourages parents to keep edibles and other cannabis-containing products far from children. Even older kids who understand the concept of edibles may eat multiple doses while waiting for the effects

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