Marijuana dispensary no longer has to give 3% of sales to Hudson – Community Advocate

Customers walk by the front façade of Native Sun in Hudson. (Photo by/Jesse Kucewicz)

HUDSON – Native Sun Wellness will no longer be charged a 3% flat rate of its gross annual sales to pay a “community impact fee.” 

All of the funds from the community impact fee were used for police and fire protection and traffic control, among other initiatives to ensure the business’ success, according to Executive Assistant Thomas Gregory. 

Native Sun opened its doors in late 2020.

During a Select Board meeting on Nov. 7, the board unanimously voted to authorize Chair Scott Duplisea to approve an amended community host agreement, which would remove the 3% flat rate of gross annual sales. 

“It was unusual that we could get money through that [a host agreement] and not through taxes,” Duplisea said.  

With the amended community host agreement, Gregory said the community impact fee will be generated when the services – such as police and fire protection and traffic control – are provided by the town. 

“Instead of Native Sun just paying a quarterly three percent of their gross revenue to the town, that goes away, and they would be reimbursing the town. We will continue to call this a community impact fee, but

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