Marijuana dispensary planned for Crow reservation – KRTV NEWS Great Falls

A group of entrepreneurs have plans to open the first marijuana dispensary on the Crow Reservation. They have been ready for several months and are now just waiting for approval from the Crow tribe.

If all goes according to plan, the dispensary will be on Crow land right along Interstate 90 just east of the main Hardin exit.

The location couldn’t be better, the entrepreneurs say.

“The research that was done on this place here, this is fee simple land owned by a non-tribal member,” said Dylan Jefferson, a partner in Silverleaf Apsaalooke. “So with that, the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) and tribe don’t have jurisdiction, or supposedly they don’t.”

The Crow Tribe was the first indigenous nation in Montana to embrace marijuana, passing an ordinance allowing dispensaries last year.

The same month the legislature granted one marijuana business license to each tribal government in Montana, but opening up dispensaries on native land has proven difficult.

“We have a real shot here,” said James Vallie, a partner in Silverleaf Apsaalooke. “Turn on the lights right now. We just need that letter or the state just needs to give us the license.”

Vallie and Jefferson know that firsthand.

They and their wives are the partners of

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