Marijuana Is 67,200 Times Stronger Than It Used To Be (According To The Media)

You’ve heard the warnings. Today’s marijuana is stronger than ever! Weed used to be mild fun, now it’s mind-blowingly potent and dangerous! Could it be true?

I’ve been running a personal trial of cannabis potency with heavy daily sampling since 1988, and my experience is that the holy herb is pretty much the same now as it always was. But what do I know? Maybe smoking dozens of phat joints a day for 12,000 days in a row has addled my mind to the point that I can’t tell how much danker the ganja is now than it used to be.

I wanted to find the truth (with science!), so I analyzed 80 years of potency reports from scientists, law enforcement, politicians, and the media. I’m here to tell you that the numbers are in. Modern weed is actually 67,200 times more potent than it was in the 1930s. Damn, I just spoiled the ending. Read the article anyway?

Imagine my surprise; it turns out I built up my tolerance so much that I never noticed how cannabis flowers had gotten so potent that people can probably get a contact high just by looking at them. It’s science! Read on

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