Marijuana Reclassification: Tony wants in and have his own dispensary. Will it be Kosher Kush or Hoosier High? – WIBC – Indianapolis News & Politics

The Biden Administration wants to reclassify Marijuana as a less dangerous drug. 

Tony Katz:

If marijuana is legal, man I’m doing the dispensary… It’s always been much more of a “I’m not going to just sit by and let the powers that be decide that dispensaries just go to certain groups”… You’re not going to tell people that they can’t open a business. So, my argument has been, “If I can’t get a license, no one can get a license.”

What will Indiana do? Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb has said he would only consider signing legalization legislation if the federal government reclassified marijuana to a less serious drug. With that seeming ever more likely what will Holcomb do now? The Governor is always welcome to discuss with Tony Katz and his audience. 

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