Marijuna 101: Ohio medical dispensaries prepare for new customers, rules after Issue 2 passage – WYSO Public Radio

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Ohio is expected to drive additional demand for cannabis products, creating opportunity and stress alike for Northeast Ohio dispensaries. In the months and years ahead, local owners expect to hire more staff, expand their inventories, and increase production capacity.

Educating consumers will be another key aspect of the coming change, noted Amber Miller, regional manager of Shangri-La Dispensary, a Missouri-based medical cannabis company that opened a dispensary in Cleveland’s St. Clair-Superior neighborhood late last year.

“I’ve been in the Ohio market since 2019, and I’ve seen it go through its initial growth phase,” said Miller. “Once we get to adult use, we’ll have to retrain our patients. Get the education back out there to an adult-use market that’s not been privy to it.”

Last November, voters approved a measure allowing recreational cannabis, making Ohio the 24th state to allow adult marijuana use for non-medical purposes. Among the positives of legal and regulated use is the potential detrimental impact on the black market, supporters said.

“We know that this product does well for our health, but now you’re giving access where your average patient isn’t going off-market,” Miller said. “We can trust that buying from one of our

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