Mariworks Withdraws as Possible 3rd Danville Cannabis … – Vermilion County First

(ABOVE) Seven Point of Illinois CEO Brad Zerman makes his point before the Danville Planning and Zoning Commission on June 1st, prior to the commission’s 4-0 vote against recommending another cannabis dispensary along the Lynch Road Corridor.

Mariworks has withdrawn their petition to come to Danville.  It was back on June 1st that Mariworks out of Chicago made their presentation before the Danville Planning and Zoning Commission to be the third Cannabis dispensary in Danville, as well as the third one along the Lynch Road corridor.  Sunnyside is already in business on the east side of Lynch Road, and Seven Point of Illinois plans to break ground soon on the west side of Lynch Road.

After receiving a non-recommendation from the commission by a 4-0 vote, Mariworks could have still gone before the Danville City Council at the June 20th meeting, now needing a super-majority vote for approval.  But the city has confirmed with Neuhoff media that the petition has been withdrawn.

Seven Point CEO Brad Zerman says the over-saturation argument definitely prevailed.  He already stated that if the city wants more dispensaries, it’s time to change regulations so that they can be located in other spots besides the

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