Market Research Partnership Connects Cannabis Sales Insights in … – Cannabis Science and Technology

Our sister publication, Nutritional Outlook, recently published an article about market researchers BDSA and MSA and how they will provide cross-analysis of BDSA’s cannabis industry data, as well as, MSA’s CPG and healthcare data.

Two market researchers have formed a strategic alliance to enhance cannabis sales data. Cannabis industry market researcher BDSA (Louisville, CO) is partnering with Management Science Associates Inc. (MSA; Pittsburgh, PA), whose market research spans the CPG and healthcare sectors. Together, the firms say they will be able to offer cross-market data that “enables statistical analysis of consumers and delivers groundbreaking insights into the intersection of purchasing cannabis and pharmaceuticals for healthcare needs.”

Roy Bingham, BDSA’s cofounder and CEO, stated in a press release, “Our collaboration with MSA will revolutionize our clients’ understanding of how cannabis addresses diverse consumer needs. With half the population having consumed cannabis in the past six months, this is no longer a niche category only of interest to those within the industry. This partnership will provide actionable, revenue-driving audience, sales impact, and forecasting opportunities to companies inside and outside the cannabis industry.”


MSA is able to gather information on cannabis users in healthcare using its own, patented HIPPA-compliant method. The press release adds: “For the

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