Maryland's medical cannabis industry hit $600M in revenue. As legalization looms, how much bigger will it get? – Baltimore Sun

After years of explosive growth, Maryland’s medical cannabis industry appears to be cooling off.

According to data from state regulators, the number of medical cannabis patients in Maryland has been growing at its slowest rate since the program kicked off sales in 2017.


Will Tilburg, executive director of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, or MMCC, acknowledged the slowdown in patient growth, but said it’s part of the industry’s natural course.

“When a market matures, there is less rapid growth,” Tilburg said.


The MMCC publishes data every two weeks on the number of patients in its program. In the first three months of 2022, the state’s medical cannabis program grew by fewer than 4,000 total patients.

Patients are automatically dropped from medical cannabis registration after three years if they don’t register again. At one point this year, the state reported a drop in the overall number of patients, meaning more registrations expired than new patients signed up. However, there was an upturn the next reporting period.

As of April 1, the total number of patients was just over 152,000.

According to Tilburg, the number of new patients isn’t slowing down. Instead, established patients

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