Mayor Bhalla’s City Council Voting Block Chose Cannabis Over Kids – The Hudson Reporter

Dear Editor:

The City Council has let the Hoboken residents know in a 5-4 vote that having a cannabis dispensary approximately 200 feet from two schools is no big deal. The decision was made before anyone entered the Council Chambers despite compelling public comments and concerns. The City Council never addressed ANY of the resident’s legitimate concerns which centered around child/school safety and community benefits, instead the Council gave nonsensical statements that they believed gave them cover for approving Blue Violets Dispensary.

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The Majority Council Position

1. “The World is not ending this evening. Tomorrow, we’ll wake up and find that the sun still rises in the east, our families still love us and we still have to go to work.”

Joe Quintero started off his justification for opening up a dispensary across the street from the school with this soliloquy. This was the beginning of what would be a lecture from the majority council with every message delivered in a condescending manner that the City Council knows better than its residents.

2. The Planning Board’s feelings are hurt

This was the sentiment of several Council members. Most people would agree that Planning Board members are

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