Mayor of Denver Announces Plans to Vacate Pre-Legalization Marijuana Convictions

The United States Conference of Mayors is a non-partisan organization bringing together mayors from U.S. cities with populations above 30,000. At their annual summer meeting, Denver, Colorado mayor Michael Hancock took the lead organizing a task force, dubbed the Government for Responsible U.S. Cannabis Policy Coalition, to take everything cities have learned about legal weed and make policy recommendations to Congress and the White House. In addition to developing resolutions for the federal government, the coalition also drew up a resolution calling on local governments to vacate marijuana charges for now-legal conduct. And after months of developing a process, Mayor Hancock brought the Coalition’s expungement resolution back home, announcing Tuesday a citywide effort to expunge all low-level marijuana convictions in Denver.

More than 10,000 People Just Became Eligible for Expungement in Denver

According to Denver’s public crime data, judges convicted over 10,000 people for low-level, non-violent marijuana offenses between 2001 and 2013. Over that same period, Denver’s population grew from about 565,000 to 650,000 people. And that means that in the 21st century, Denver convicted roughly 2 percent of its population for things like possessing small amounts of weed or consuming it in public. Of course, that 2 percent wasn’t evenly

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