Mayors Bhalla, Fulop Come Under Scrutiny For Pot Dispensary in Hoboken;Facing Resident Backlash Over Cannabis Location – InsiderNJ

Hoboken residents are calling Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his administration to stop the approval of an outsized cannabis dispensary from opening in the center of one of the most densely populated residential areas in New Jersey.

The proposed 6,000 square-foot, high-volume, cannabis retail shop would be operated under the name Story Dispensary of Hoboken LLC and would be located in a residential building on 14th Street. The city Planning Board is scheduled to hear Story’s application on Thursday, June 9 at 7 pm.

“The quality-of-life implications to Hoboken residents in this neighborhood are enormous,” said Glenn Nelson, who lives in a building across from the proposed dispensary. “When you see the long lines and big parking lots filled with cars at dispensaries on busy commercial roads elsewhere in the state, you think “‘how could this possibly fit in this tight, residential corner of Hoboken.’”

The administration says it plans to license six dispensaries in the city.

Lenore Vanden Handel, a 35-year resident of the community, said approval of a dispensary in a residential neighborhood on 14th Street would set a bad precedent for Hoboken. “The Bhalla Administration must think carefully about where to place these dispensaries in our small city

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