MD dispensaries see $21M in first week of recreational marijuana sales – 47abc – WMDT

16 hours ago

MARYLAND –  Marijuana sales are booming in Maryland.

First Week of Rec. Marijuana Brings in $21M

It’s been just over a week since recreational marijuana was legalized in the state. And, in that first week alone, dispensaries pulled in almost $21 million.

“That includes both medical and the adult-use program,” said the Maryland Cannabis Administration’s (MCA) Chief of Policy and Government Affairs, Andrew Garrison. “The opening weekend was about $10 million, and $5 million of that was on the first day alone. That’s pretty consistent with what we see in other states.”

A Forecasted Fortune

The newest Fiscal Year also started on July 1st. Maryland lawmakers predict that by the end of it, up to $400 million could be made. That would work out to about $30 million monthly. However, Garrison says, officials have seen other forecasts pinning the number at as much as $50 million per month.

“We have a pretty big medical program. So, we’re going to expect to see a lot of folks come back to dispensaries,” said Garrison. “But, I think a lot of the initial sales were people being excited about being able to purchase safe, legal cannabis

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