Medical Cannabis Products Recalled in Michigan After Testing Positive for Pesticides

Several medical marijuana products are being taken off the shelves in Michigan after the state determined that they contain hazardous levels of pesticides. 

The safety compliance facility overseeing the safety of the products, Iron Laboratories, had its license suspended by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency earlier this month after it was revealed that it had conducted faulty testing for pesticide and mold in its cannabis products—the first time the state issued a suspension to a marijuana business.

At the time of the suspension, the agency said that despite Iron Laboratories’ “inaccurate results and/or unreliable testing and reporting practices,” it had “not been made aware of any adverse product reactions in conjunction with product tested by Iron Laboratories,” and was thus not issuing any recalls. 

But that changed on Friday, when the Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced that it is recalling four medical marijuana products as a result of the investigation into Iron Laboratories. The agency provided the production batch numbers for each product, as well as the pharmacies and dispensaries across the state where they have been sold. The recalled products have been sold in a little more than a dozen cities throughout Michigan. 

In its safety bulletin on Friday, the

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