Medical Cannabis: Why Self-Medicating Is Usually a Bad Idea

For a near-incalculable number of people across the United States, cannabis is less an enjoyable recreational product, more an essential lifeline. We’re slowly but surely heading into an era where the incredible medical properties of cannabis cannot be denied or ignored. Opposition remains as nonsensical and misguided as ever, but the overwhelming majority of everyday people, doctors and government officials alike know that medical cannabis is changing lives.

Nevertheless, most are also united in their agreement that self-medication is generally not the way to go.

Brayden Hollawa, an eight-year-old from Calgary, is one of many children whose parents believe their lives were saved by medical cannabis. He’s been using it for more than a year now and his parents are adamant that he owes his life to this form of treatment.

“We tried all kind of procedures, all kinds of implants, all kinds of pharmaceuticals with varying degrees of success… but not very much success,” said Brayden’s dad Darren Hollawa.

Having suffered severe seizures since birth, Brayden eventually found himself taking 26 tablets every day, as a means by which to reduce both the severity and frequency of his fits. As of now, he is on a course of

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