Medical marijuana entrepreneur eyes opening dispensary on Mitchell's Main Street – The Daily Republic

After resident Tara Volesky purchased a downtown property, located at 100 W. Fifth Ave., she said a Sioux Falls medical cannabis entrepreneur saw it as an ideal location to operate a dispensary.

Emmett Reistroffer, owner of Sioux Falls-based Genesis Farms LLC, is seeking to open a medical marijuana dispensary inside Volesky’s downtown building that sits on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Main Street. Reistroffer submitted an application with the city to attain a dispensary license for his plan to bring downtown Mitchell its first dispensary.

“This building came to me all by chance, and it is a great spot for Emmett (Reistroffer) to open his business,” Volesky said. “I’m sure there will be some dispensaries out by the interstate, but there could be nothing downtown.”

However, the close proximity of a local church will add more obstacles for the dispensary plan to materialize. According to the city’s zoning codes, a medical cannabis dispensary cannot be within 300 feet of a church. Volesky’s building is fewer than 300 feet away from the Word of Life Church across the street, which means Reistroffer would need to seek a variance for the dispensary to open its doors.

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