Medical marijuana patients worry NJ dispensaries won't have enough supply – Montclair Local

New Jersey Monitor

Amy Marie Keller dislocates up to 100 joints each day.

The 46-year-old, who suffers from the connective tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, is nearly homebound, in constant pain, and uses a cane to walk on the few days she goes out. Her body doesn’t produce collagen correctly, which causes her fingers to bend backward when she taps a smartphone and her skin to easily bruise.

Keller is allergic to opioids, epinephrine, and fragrances. The only thing that helps her symptoms is marijuana with high THC content. Since October 2013, Keller has depended on New Jersey’s medical marijuana market to live her daily life.

Now that New Jersey’s medical cannabis sector is expanding to recreational users, Keller fears she won’t be able to obtain the amount of marijuana she needs. During an interview, she broke down in tears.

“I’m afraid I’m going to die because I don’t have access to my medication and I don’t have a black market connect,” she said. “I’m so scared.”

Keller is one of 130,000 medical marijuana patients in New Jersey grappling with the state’s decision to allow 13 medical dispensaries to begin serving recreational patients, a move intended to jumpstart the state’s adult-use market. The state expects 830,000

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