Medical marijuana prices falling faster for dispensaries than consumers – New Castle News

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HARRISBURG — Retail prices of dry leaf medical marijuana continue to fall but not nearly at the rate wholesale prices are dropping for Pennsylvania dispensaries.

Patients of the state’s Medical Marijuana Program paid on average $11.69 per gram for dry leaf cannabis in June, according to data shared Thursday by Pete Blank, interim director. The average price is 12.8 percent below February’s average of $13.40 and 25.4 percent lower than the start of 2020 when the per-gram average was $15.67.

Compare that to the latest average wholesale price dispensaries paid grower/processors: $4.83 per gram. That’s 27.3 percent cheaper than February’s average of $6.65 and down 52.6 percent from the $10.19 average at 2020’s outset.

Members of the program advisory board who met for an online meeting Thursday didn’t speak to the latest pricing data, however, at the March meeting outgoing director John Collins called the trend “troubling” and said more savings should be passed to patients.

Total program sales continue to grow, having topped $5.7 billion, the latest data shows, though year-to-year growth is slowing. Of that, $2.3 billion in sales is

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