Medical Marijuana Set to Hit Louisiana Dispensaries Next Week

It’s taken four years, but starting next week, the first batch of medical marijuana will arrive in Louisiana dispensaries.

On Thursday, the state’s agriculture and forestry commissioner Mike Strain announced that the agency had completed the final round of testing on cannabis that was produced by Louisiana State University and a contractor, GB Sciences.

“We are pleased to announce that LSU-GBSL’s final medical marijuana product has passed all testing and is cleared for immediate release to the medical marijuana pharmacies,” Strain said in a statement.

GB Sciences Louisiana president John Davis said that his company is making arrangements with dispensaries to begin delivering the medical marijuana on Tuesday, when eligible patients will be able to access it for the first time. “I can’t tell you how excited we are for patients,” Davis told the Associated Press.

Those patients have certainly had to wait for the treatment. The framework for Louisiana’s medical marijuana program was first established in 2015, when then-Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a bill into law. But the law has been hamstrung by regulatory disagreements ever since, leaving patients without access to cannabis. The law, combined with several subsequent tweaks, allows the treatment for patients with a wide

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