Meet the Artists Behind DeGlassification At BAC's Dispensary Satellite Location – DigBoston

The work is perfectly imperfect: textured, rough, and freaky—the opposite of what we’re told glass should look like

Glass seems static: nonadaptive, unchangeable. But it’s actually an amorphous solid—meaning its molecules are always bouncing, allowing it to be shaped and reshaped, formed and reformed.

This idea of reformation runs through glassmakers Siena Hancock and Lindsy Marshall’s exhibition DeGlassification at Brookline Arts Center, which runs through June 26. The artist duo, who became friends while studying at MassArt, question the rigidity of both the material and the culture of glasswork. They take whatever’s given and create something more interesting, seeking collaboration in every way possible.

Much of the work in DeGlassification was actually created by re-melting leftovers from other artists’ works. “We’re basically the raccoons of glass,” says Hancock, who works as a manager at a local glass studio that produces artworks for influential contemporary artists. Three years ago, Hancock found themself enamored with the odd shapes naturally formed while melting wax out of rubber molds and began collecting them to experiment with. This fascination led to VV1-5, a series of miniature sculptures of leftover bits that look like fluorescent tumors, each containing traces of other artists’ visions yet growing into

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