Mexican Pot Activists Invite All to a Semi-Permanent Action in Front of the Senate

Dirt flew through the air in front of the country’s Senate building in Mexico City. On Sunday, cannabis activists set up camp in full view of their elected officials to remind them of their responsibility to legalize the drug — and they brought their plants along with them.

Mexican marijuana activists have been performing even more daring acts of civil disobedience as a legal deadline approaches to legalize recreational cannabis. Several times, they’ve planted seedlings at one of the country’s most iconic landmarks, the Ángel de Independencia

But by installing a semi-permanent camp in front of the country’s Senate, they have taken the fight to the next level. 

Caitlin Donohue

After setting up their tents, one of the activists’ first steps was to accommodate donated cannabis seeds and seedlings in the plaza’s garden plots. What they billed as the country’s first non-clandestine cannabis garden in nearly 100 years of prohibition is intended to serve as an educational tool for the passers-by on one of Mexico City’s busiest pedestrian intersections.

Their temporary community is dubbed Plantón 420, “plantón” being the word for a kind of semi-permanent camp-in that is a popular Latin American protest technique. Blocks away from the weed activists’ set-up is

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