Mexican President Says Cannabis Legalization “Not On Our Agenda”

With national expectations of impending cannabis legalization running high, Mexican President Andrés López Manuel Obrador dealt a blow to his country’s marijuana movement at his daily morning press conference on Thursday. The president told reporters that marijuana legalization “is not on our agenda.”

AMLO’s words seemed at odds with the fact that members of his own Morena Party have indicated that a vote on marijuana legalization is imminent. Just yesterday, the president’s Secretary of Interior Olga Sánchez Cordero smiled and held aloft what sure looked like a joint on the floor of the Chamber of Deputies. The country’s Supreme Court has mandated that the Mexican legislature regulate marijuana by this month, and asked the Health Department to clarify regulations surrounding medical marijuana. Lawmakers have held a series of public sessions to solicit opinions on how legalization should look in Mexico.

But AMLO’s words this morning suggested that he does not share the rest of his government’s dedication to marijuana regulation.

“With all respect, we haven’t considered that,” he said at his daily early morning press event. “I’m not ruling it out, but it is not on our agenda. We are dealing with other important issues.”

AMLO Clarifies Priorities

AMLO mentioned

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