Michael Brosgart: Cannabis Vaporizer Innovation & Development

Vaporizers are frequently lauded as a “smoother” or even “safer” alternative to smoking, but whether or not that’s true depends on the quality of the vape hardware in question. Additionally, not all vaporizers were designed to be used exclusively with cannabis, meaning that vape consumers are frequently faced with inconsistent — and even undesirable — product experiences. U.S.-based Advanced Vapor Devices (AVD) was founded to address these concerns.

In this written Q&A, we ask Michael Brosgart — the Chief Operating Officer for AVD — about the evolution of their technology, the company’s founding and R&D process, and what separates AVD vaporizers from products by other vape manufacturers.

Read his answers, and more, in the full interview below!

What was your career path prior to joining AVD?

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I was surrounded by cannabis culture. But when I graduated college in 2005, there was no career path in cannabis.

I worked for over a decade in the Latin American finance industry, providing corporations, banks, and governments in the region with access to global investors. I also worked in the luxury beauty industry and gained valuable experience in consumer packaged goods and how to sell them

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