Michigan Bill Would Allow Students to Use Medical Cannabis at School

A bill introduced in Michigan seeks to allow students to use medical cannabis at school, CBS News reports. It is the second time the measure, known as Jayden’s Law, has been introduced in the state and supporters say it would allow students to take their medicine without interrupting academic time.   

State Rep. Jimmie Wilson Jr. (D), one of the bill’s sponsors, told CBS News that the proposal allows medical cannabis pediatric patients to have their medication in the schools the same way anyone else has their medications stored.” 

“The same way, whether it be in a nurse’s office or an administration office, they would go up and access their medication the same way anyone else would, and they would go back to class.” — Wilson Jr. to CBS News 

Under current state law, students must be checked out of school and taken at least 1,000 feet from the building to take their medicine and then be checked back into school. 

State Sen. Dylan Wegela (D) told CBS News that the bill’s passage “would simply make their day more cohesive.” 

“It is an inconvenience for students who take this medicine,” he said. “Most

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