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How many of us think about the quality of building materials used in our homes? This is a question that’s driving the interest in the hemp building industry in Europe and North America.

That was also the motivation for Stephen Hill and Marjolein Meulblok, a couple based in the south of Spain, when they decided to rebuild a derelict Spanish farmhouse using raw hemp materials. In 2020, they launched The Hempcrete Project after years of searching for the right location to build a durable home for their family.

Hill and Meulblok met 15 years ago in La Herradura, Andalucia, and today the couple has five kids. They’ve lived in rental accommodations since they met, but for the last few years, they have been researching alternative ways to live that are more connected to nature–and may even avoid the burden of a 30-year mortgage.

Due to their backgrounds, sustainability and self-sufficiency are important to Hill and Meulblok. Hill grew up on one of the first organic farms in the United Kingdom, where he gained an in-depth knowledge of agriculture. Since 1980, he has specialized in making hand-made guitars, and still teaches the craft to students around the world.

Meulblok is a Tibetan

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