Michigan Considers Dropping Pre-Employment Cannabis Drug Tests for Most State Jobs

The Michigan Civil Service Commission earlier this month proposed a rule change that would drop pre-employment drug testing for cannabis. The proposal would not change the requirements for safety-sensitive jobs, such as state police or commercial vehicle drivers.  

“If approved, they would not impact current testing policies applicable to test-designated positions or those applicable to employees, nor would they change current prohibitions on an employee’s use of drugs while on duty or reporting for or being on duty with a prohibited level of drugs present in the employee’s bodily fluids.” — Michigan Civil Service Commission, in a statement, via Click on Detroit 

Adult-use cannabis has been legal in Michigan since 2018. The rules requiring cannabis testing as a pre-employment requirement in Michigan were implemented in 1998, according to an official communication from State Personnel Director John Gnodtke.

The memo also notes that ending pre-employment testing for cannabis “would not affect the availability of reasonable-suspicion or follow-up testing for marijuana of classified employees, including candidates who become employees.” The memo says that, since the passage of adult-use cannabis laws in the state, approximately 350 applicants for classified positions have tested positive for cannabis in

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