Midwest cannabis dispensary is selling a 10-gram ‘BIG A$$’ joint for the holidays – San Antonio Current

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Courtesy Photo / Skymint

Yes, that is one giant joint.

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for your favorite stoner — and don’t mind taking the risk of crossing state lines to deliver it — look no further than Michigan cannabis dispensary chain Skymint.

Ahead of the holidays, the company has unveiled a hefty 10-inch, 10-gram “BIG A$$” joint. (For comparison, the typical joint contains around 0.3 grams of cannabis. So yeah, that’s a big ass joint.)

The limited-edition doobie is available in a variety of strains. Imagine smoking one before Thanksgiving dinner.

Skymint says, “It is the perfect gift for a friend, gift for the fam, or a gift for yourself.”

“We are thrilled to bring back our famous Big A$$ Joint for Holiday 2022,” Brian Bartholomew, Skymint’s vice president of product, said in a statement. “The Big A$$ joint was first introduced for sale last 420 and quickly became a customer favorite. Whether it is for a special Holiday gift, a fun novelty for New Year’s Eve, or

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