Minnesota's GOP-Controlled Senate Legalizes THC Edibles — Not Totally On Purpose

Minnesota is now “Minne-stona” thanks to a new state law legalizing THC edibles and drinks.

The new law, which took effect Friday, allows adults 21 and older to buy cannabis consumables containing a limited amount of THC, the ingredient that makes the “wacky weed,” well, wacky.

Under the law, pot edibles and bud-enhanced beverages can contain up to to 5 milligrams of THC per serving ― about half the standard dose found in recreational marijuana products in other states, according to The Associated Press. Each package is limited to a total of 50 milligrams.


Although the law requires that the new THC products be derived from legally certified hemp and not marijuana, attorney Jason Tarasek, founder of the Minnesota Cannabis Law firm and a board member of the Minnesota Cannabis Association, told the Star-Tribune that 5 milligrams produces the same effect whether it’s derived from hemp or marijuana.

“This stuff will get you high, no doubt about it,” Tarasek said. “Everybody’s calling it hemp-derived THC, which makes it sound like something other than marijuana. But I went on social media and I called it adult-use marijuana, because that’s what most people are going to consider this to be.”

Many of Minnesota’s marijuana advocates were

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