Mississippi, Medical Cannabis Advertising and the First Amendment

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Mississippi’s Initiative 65

Easily one of the biggest legislative surprises of the 2020 was the passing of Mississippi’s Initiative 65, a medical cannabis bill with an extensive qualifying conditions list. In arguably the reddest and most socially conservative state in America — where only one Democrat has served as Governor since 1992, and where Republicans have a considerable majority in both houses of the Legislature — 69 percent of Mississippians gave Initiative 65 a landslide victory.

It’s worth noting that this bill passed in a state where the governor called the implementation of medical cannabis a “liberal” ballot created by “stoners” — despite it being very hard to believe that 70 percent of Mississippians are stoners, much less liberal stoners at that. A medical cannabis bill passing by a margin that substantial is undeniable proof in the very present support for at least medical cannabis expansion among Republicans remains on solid footing.

Since early 2023, medical cannabis has been available for qualifying patients in Mississippi and has sold over $35 million in its first year of sales and there are over 180 licensed dispensaries throughout the state. From Corinth all the way down

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