Missouri Has Issued 22,000+ Medical Marijuana Cards since July

More Medical Marijuana Patients Than Expected in Missouri

MO – Close to 22,000 medical marijuana cards have been issued to MO residents since July 4, reported the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This amount of registered card holder was not expected to get that high before 2021.

Amendment 2 passed in early 2018, making cannabis legal for medical use. To qualify, patients with Crohn’s Disease, Glaucoma, HIV, IBS and several other qualifying medical conditions can visit with a qualified doctor and if eligible receive a Missouri medical marijuana cards. The state issued a qualifying conditions list, although they also left it up to the doctors discretion for weather medical marijuana will help other conditions not on the list.

Licenses for cultivation, processing, and Missouri dispensaries should be awarded by the Missouri department of Health by January 2020. Over 600 groups filed for 2,163 marijuana businesses applications to date. The state will issue 60 licenses to grow pot, 86 to make THC and CBD-infused products, and 192 dispensary licenses.

About time to get growing…


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