Missouri Marijuana Patients Can Now Possess Cannabis

According to the ones who matter on the state level, it is now legal to possess and use medical marijuana for qualified MO patients, just not buy it.

Cannabis stores in Missouri where patients with a state issued medical marijuana card will be able to buy THC and CBD products have not opened yet.  State health officials have now expressed support for patients right to posses marijuana for medical use, but this does not take into account where to get it, or condone purchasing cannabis illegally.

The St. Louis County Police Department recently issued a statement to The Riverfront Times clarifying that officers will not arrest state-approved marijuana patients who have come into possession of it.

“If individuals are in possession of marijuana and possess a valid and legal prescription we will uphold their constitutional rights and they will not be arrested,” wrote department spokeswoman Tracy Panus. “We will not arrest individuals based upon the assumption the marijuana was obtained illegally.”

The 192 approved dispensaries that were recently approved by the state are still months away from opening, with growing just getting started. The state’s top marijuana official, Lyndall Fraker, the Director of Medical Marijuana for the Department of Health and Senior Services, weighed-in on the  legal situation medical marijuana patients in Missouri are dealing with. He wrote in a January 28 letter that he had been moved to explain the DHSS’ understanding of the issue “at the request of several law enforcement entities and legislators.”

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