Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Marijuana Stocks – Marijuana Stocks (press release) (blog)

The cannabis space can often be quite confusing for investors as it is such a new market. With the industry hitting new highs as of recent, it seems that now is a better time to get in than any time before. New legislation throughout the industry is showing how the future of the market could grow in cannabis’ future. The global cannabis stock index has risen by as much as 71% over the past six months, displaying the amount of yearly growth that we can hope to expect in the coming years. While stocks may be down for the beginning of the year considering the amount of legislative issues surrounding the world of cannabis, it seems that the future will be more positive.

One of the largest pieces of news to enter the year has been the event of California legalizing cannabis for recreational use to those who are over 21. This has been instrumental in changing the paradigm shift in cannabis’ favor around the U.S. Another interesting number is the fact that there are currently over 600 cannabis stocks listed. These stocks are listed throughout the OTC market as well as the NYSE but in less numbers.

The biggest mistake that one can make when entering the cannabis space is not reading the data from the companies. The fillings for cannabis companies or any publicly traded entity are usually online and available for the public. This means that there is a world of information on the companies that one would potentially be investing in right at their fingertips. Well, most of this data is not extremely helpful to discerning whether to invest or not, a lot of the information can be extremely useful in making a decision.

Many companies in the cannabis industry are under some

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