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The city of Mobile will join other cities across the state in considering an ordinance to allow medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits.

When the ordinance was introduced Tuesday night, it came with heated debate over the impact dispensaries would have on the city.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission must approve dispensaries before getting a license through municipalities. Any municipality or county must pass its own ordinance to allow for dispensaries first. Counties and municipalities may also put their own regulations on those businesses.

People will not be allowed to smoke weed. The medication will be offered in pill form, patches, gels, oils and other means but will not be available in leafy form, edibles, or smoked or vaped forms.

Councilman Scott Jones argued that “there’s no such thing as medical marijuana” and said it is a mind-altering substance no matter how it is administered.

Councilman William Carroll argued it would be better to have regulated businesses within the city selling marijuana than the illegal operations currently happening on the street level.

“We all know that there

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