Mobile official raises concerns over Alabama law allowing medical marijuana dispensaries –

Mobile city officials are poised to support an ordinance next month that would allow for a medical marijuana dispensary.

But one council member is sounding the alarms over what he believes is a program, backed by Alabama state lawmakers in 2021, that will increase crime and usher in the beginning of legalized recreational marijuana.

Mobile City Councilman Scott Jones, following a Public Services Committee meeting on Monday, admitted that he does not have the votes to stop the council from approving an ordinance that could bring a medical marijuana dispensary within city limits.

But he said the intent of the committee meeting was to provide information on a system he believes will make Mobile less safe, while boosting revenue for those investing in the emerging Alabama industry.

“I’d like to have an honest discussion and debate,” said Jones, who argues that not enough information has been provided over how the industry will be monitored once the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission – the organization charged with implementing the state’s medical marijuana program – rolls it out in June 2023.

“Look at what happened today,” Jones continued. “No one asked any hard questions. I think minds are made up.”

Jones said he anticipates the council voting on the

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