Monkey Berries Strain Review | Westword – Westword

Holiday stress gets more real with age, and cannabis has become increasingly helpful in dealing with travel, cooking, work deadlines and shopping. Having the right strain at 5 p.m. can make all the difference during a trip to the mall or an evening of family flight booking. The wrong one, however, can make a boring task seem like an unscalable mountain full of yawns, munchies and shiny distractions.

Relaxing the mind while keeping the body spry and critical thinking afloat is more attainable for high-tolerance users, but even I can be flattened by a few hits of strong Grape Cream Cake or White Truffle. That after-work toke is the most important session of the day this time of year, so I rarely try something new or stray from my current lineup of Chimera, Party Animal and good ol’ Sour Diesel. Yet I was out of all three and didn’t have enough time to drive across town before having to sit through a choir recital last week. Monkey Berries would have to do.

A hybrid of Strawberries & Cream and Grease Monkey, Monkey Berries has a reputation for cooling down the body without freezing the mind. Anything more sedating would have put me

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