Montana judge strikes down cumulative fee on dispensaries – Independent Record

A Montana judge has struck down a new cumulative fee on marijuana dispensaries after a group of businesses sued the state over the new law last year.

Helena Judge Mike Menahan issued the order on Jan. 5 following a lawsuit filed by Granite Peak Holdings, TSB Montana and MaraMint, all marijuana dispensaries operating in Montana.

In early 2023, state lawmakers passed House Bill 903, which created a cumulative fee schedule on each dispensary location, even if they operated under the same license. Fees also increased cumulatively for each location, so a first location would have a $5,000 fee, the second would have a $10,000 fee, a third would have a $15,000 fee and so on. The previous fee was $5,000 for each location operated by a licensee.

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Back in November, the state agreed to a 60-day pause on the new fee schedule. Menahan’s order strikes it down permanently.

Under the now-void law, a dispensary like Granite Peak would have paid a $280,000 dispensary renewal fee instead of $50,000 for its 10 locations, in addition to $245,000 for four newly opened locations.

Menahan’s order also dictates that any fees paid under the

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