More Adult Use Cannabis Legalization on 2022 Ballots!

It’s that special time again, when voters head to the polls to determine who will staff their local, state, and federal governments. This time around though, many voters will also make big decisions about adult use cannabis legalization. That is outstanding all the way around, win or lose.

Ten years ago, only two states, Washington and Colorado, had adult use cannabis legalization on the ballot. Voters there wisely ushered in a complete change of culture and legal reform around adult use cannabis legalization that’s still felt to this day around the United States.

Adult Use Cannabis Legalization in 2022

So, what’s on various ballots this time and where? We previously wrote about the adult use initiatives back in August. Below is an updated summary of what’ll be voted on tomorrow.


Residents of The Natural State will vote on Issue 4. Issue 4 is an amendment to the state’s constitution that would legalize adult use cannabis. According to the 2022 Voter Guide put together by the University of Arkansas, an affirmative vote for Issue 4 means that you’re in favor of legalization and also

giving existing medical marijuana growers and sellers licenses to grow and sell adult use or non-medical

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