More former dispensary owners sue medical marijuana businessmen and lawyers – Arkansas Times

The plaintiffs in the case are Jennier Paige FisherPhillip Bryan FisherRichard Scott PaceRick Don Angel and Ronald Craig Smith. Those five plaintiffs owned the Morrilton dispensary before the state Medical Marijuana Commission unanimously approved a transfer of ownership to Tamika Edwards and Dustin Shroyer last week.

Holland and Poynter filed a similar lawsuit last week against Gray, Steel and their law firms in regards to allegations related to the ownership of Enlightened Cannabis for People of Heber Springs. The plaintiffs in that suit are former state legislator Marshall Wright, who served in the legislature alongside Steel, and Josh Landers.


The lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges that Gray and Steel solicited the defendants in 2017 to serve as owners and members of certain business entities to apply for medical marijuana dispensary licenses. The suit claims that Gray and Steel did not have their clients’ best interests in mind and did not meet their professional standards or duty of loyalty to their clients.

The plaintiffs also allege that the defendants did not properly advise them on the dispensary, its operating agreements or its management agreements. The suit alleges legal malpractice, fraud and constructive fraud and says that the plaintiffs have suffered and continue to suffer damages.


The allegations are similar to the ones made against Gray

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