Mourners Accidentally Ingest Hash Cake At Funeral In Germany

An 18-year-old from the northeastern German city of Rostock got a nasty shock when her mother delivered her hash-infused cake to a funeral party. After multiple mourners went to the hospital, the young woman is now under investigation and could be charged with up to 13 counts of negligence and bodily injury, in addition to other crimes.

The mixup took place in August, but German police waited to publicize the incident until now out of respect for the funeral party, who had been merely following the German tradition of afternoon coffee and cake at a restaurant after burying their loved one in Wiethagen.

Little did they know that one of the restaurant employees had put their 18-year-old in charge of making the day’s baked goods. Things went horribly wrong when the worker accidentally grabbed one of the cakes out of the freezer that her kid had intended for her own personal use.

Thanks to her mom’s confusion, the daughter now faces multiple criminal charges, which include disturbing a funeral and breaking German narcotics laws.

The cake’s effects on the funeral party were not minor. 13 attendees reported feeling “dizzy and nauseous,” according to one publication. An ambulance was called to

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