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Aug. 4, 2022

Planet 13, a multi-state cannabis company, is leveraging solutions to maintain security and compliance in the cannabis retail industry, according to a press release.

Planet 13 uses solutions to read physical and digital copies of government issued IDs, including passports. ID scanners are placed at each of its Las Vegas SuperStore dispensary’s 16 check-in stations and they sync with a centralized visitor management system — VeriScan Online Enterprise.

The VeriScan authentication engine is built to detect fake IDs within seconds. Those that are flagged as suspicious by the VeriScan software trigger alerts to store security. Because all Planet 13 scanners sync to a central database, banned patrons are immediately flagged at all entry-points. This centralized database also allows for multi-scan alerting to maintain compliance with anti-looping laws.

In addition to scanning and verification, VeriScan performs ID parsing to collect, separate and classify information from the various fields on IDs. This allows Planet 13 to harvest the names and demographic/geographic information of its guests. This data is providing insights into customer profiles, which is especially valuable as Planet 13 expands its footprint into other states, including supplementing its SuperStores with smaller, neighborhood retail shops.

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