Muskegon marijuana dispensary has thieves break into store two nights in a row this week –

Jake Abraham, the owner of Sticky Muskegon, is frustrated and concerned he won’t be able to keep his business open if this keeps happening.

MUSKEGON, Mich. — A Muskegon business owner is hoping someone knows something and can help catch a group of thieves that busted into his marijuana dispensary two nights in a row. 

Jake Abraham, who owns Sticky Muskegon Recreational Marijuana Dispensary on Peck Street, shared some surveillance footage that shows the burglars dressed in hooded sweatshirts, gloves and masks. 

He said the group pried open the door to force their way in Sunday morning, so his team boarded it up. But then Monday morning around 3 a.m., the burglars smashed a window, breaking in for the second time. 

Both times, thieves targeted the same product that retails for about $50 for an eighth. 

The owner says more than $24,000 in products was stolen, and he’s cleaning up the mess. 

The thieves got away with merchandise both times and were in the store no longer than a minute at a time. 

There’s no word on if these are different or the same groups. 

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