MustHaveMenus Offers Free Dispensary Menu Templates – Ganjapreneur

MustHaveMenus, a design software for restaurants and businesses of all shapes and sizes, has recently made a portion of its collection free to use, allowing anyone to create a menu for their cannabis products. Dispensary menu options range from bright and flashy to outdoorsy and even simple for those modern weed-sellers. Even if a dispensary-specific template doesn’t immediately grab customers’ attention, MustHaveMenus offers 20,000+ design templates that can be altered to fit any business’ brand.

Digital Menu Boards, Marketing Materials, and More

With free dispensary digital menu boards from MustHaveMenus, clients can design a large, eye-catching menu for all their cannabis products. The templates are bold, easy to read, and customizable.

MustHaveMenus is constantly working to increase its collection of dispensary-themed assets. The current collection includes hundreds of different assets for customers to choose from, including digital menu boards, social media posts, flyers, loyalty cards, and much more. Customers can build out their entire brand with matching styles, getting all the different materials they need.

Quickly Post to Social Media

With their simple-to-use software, businesses can quickly post their personalized assets directly to their Instagram and Facebook feeds and stories. These matching marketing materials can help dispensary owners

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