Natural Food Chef Liana Werner-Gray Shares Her Recipe for CBD Pesto Edamame Spaghetti

CBD spaghetti? Consider Us intrigued! The non-psychoactive cannabis compound has been lauded for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety, and according to chef and author Liana Werner-Gray, who cooks with the substance, it can also act as a natural pain reliever to provide some comfort to those with achy joints, arthritis and cancer.

The latter is a subject especially close to Werner-Gray’s heart. Both of her grandfathers died of the disease, her mother is a breast cancer survivor and she had a 3.7-centimeter tumor in her throat a decade ago. She and her mother were able to change their diets and that gastronomic shift, coupled with traditional treatments, is why Werner-Gray tells Us Weekly the duo is “healthy and cancer-free to this day.”

Her experience with cancer is part of what inspired Werner-Gray to write Cancer Free With Food, a new book that details how people with the disease can help fight it with what they eat. “For this book, I wanted to spend time doing the research into what foods have been used in scientific studies to show which are most effective in killing cancer cells and reducing tumors,” Werner-Gray tells Us. “I was fascinated by what I

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