Nearly $400 Million In Marijuana, Cocaine Seized By Coast Guard In Florida

The United States Coast Guard just announced the conclusion of what appears to be a large drug bust in the Pacific Ocean. So large, in fact, that the agency is now back on the mainland to offload several hundred million dollars’ worth of illegal substances.

According to the agency, the busts were the result of efforts from several Coast Guard vessels and crews, along with law enforcement agencies from several other countries.

Massive Drug Busts Off Pacific Coast

The Coast Guard detailed their multiple drug busts in a press release published yesterday. The release also included a number of photos and a link to a video.

All the media feature images of Coast Guard personnel and tons of seized contraband. Specifically, cocaine and marijuana.

All told, the Coast Guard said it confiscated 19 tons of narcotics. Specifically, that includes almost 28,000 pounds of cocaine. That amount of cocaine is reportedly worth an estimated $367 million.

Along with the cocaine, the Coast Guard also said it seized nearly 11,000 pounds of marijuana. The confiscated cannabis comes in at a street value of roughly $10.1 million.

The confiscated drugs, and the busts they came from, were the result of an operation that

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