Nebraska Advocates Launch Medical Cannabis Legalization Ballot Initiative Campaign

Advocates in Nebraska on Thursday filed paperwork to begin a petition drive to get a medical cannabis legalization question in 2024 ballots, the Nebraska Examiner reports. Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana have previously unsuccessfully attempted to get the issue to voters but their most recent bid – for 2022 – failed to garner enough signatures.  

In 2020, a medical cannabis initiative did qualify for the ballot but was thrown out by the state Supreme Court that ruled it violated the state’s “single subject” rule for ballot initiatives. The renewed effort consists of two petitions – one to set up the doctor-patient system and one to regulate the industry. 

Crista Eggers, a spokeswoman for the group, told the Examiner that the effort is starting earlier this year than their previous effort as they hope to gather the more than 100,000 signatures required. 

“We have no choice but to keep petitioning our government. The Legislature refuses to act despite the will of over 80% of Nebraskans, from all parties, regions, ages, etc., supporting this.” — Eggers via the Nebraska Examiner 

In 2021, a medical cannabis legalization bill came within two votes of overcoming a filibuster

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