New Bedford's first cannabis dispensary Ascend slated to open in fall –

NEW BEDFORD — Like a Major League Baseball season, licensing a cannabis dispensary is more of a marathon than a sprint.

But the finish line for the city’s first recreational-marijuana dispensary is coming into view for Ascend, which is projected to break the tape this fall at 115 Coggeshall St.

Also in the running, and currently at a pace to cross the finish line closely after Ascend, is Beacon Compassion Inc., which is opening a medical marijuana dispensary at 366 Hathaway Road.

The Beacon dispensary will be doing business as UpTop, and while licensed for medical marijuana now, the company is seeking approval to sell recreational marijuana, as well.

Two more proposed dispensaries want to open in New Bedford but have some miles to go before they reap — Elevation Retail, which would sell recreational marijuana at a Phillips Road site, near the main entrance to the New Bedford Business Park, and Ember Gardens NBR-Ember Gardens NBP, which will sell recreational marijuana and marijuana products at 1 Nauset St.